"Mastering Federal Contracts"

The next Workshop
August 23-25, 2017
The Workshops are by invitation only - You have to call, get qualified and ask for a ticket.
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Video No. 18

Even a 21- year old understands the importance and relevance of government construction

Video No. 17

In this video: Doug explains the 2 types of differing site conditions.

Video No. 16

See why these guys said the workshop was worth $200,000, $500,000, and even $1 Million!

Video No. 15

Eric Combs of K-CON Building System describes how he avoids additional bonding fees allowing him to net an extra $250,000 in profit.

Video No. 14

Charlie Garbutt realizes the value of our ultra efficient BidTrakker Market Reports!

Video No. 13

Our 8a certified graduates look forward to making the most of their set aside status.

Video No. 12

David Snodgrass used his new knowledge to acquire 11 federal contracts.

Video No. 11

The story of Carlos Bazbaz and his transformation from home builder to government contractor.

Video No. 10

Joe Call describes his transition from sales to acquiring his 8a status as a government contractor.

Video No. 9

Mike Hough & Rick Nelson learned that higher profit margins go hand in hand with providing "added value" to the government.