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The GCExperts Workshop was a live 3-day event performed
for over a dozen years primarily in Austin, TX.

About 100 businesses invested $10,000
and traveled to Austin for the 3 day workshop. Every workshop for 12 years was
captured from 5 angles on film, and the slides and workshop computer screen were all recorded
as well.


During the pandemic we painstakingly
went through four workshops and edited the best parts of the event into a super
event that encompasses the spirit of the 3-day workshop.

Example footage:


About 3 times a year the GCExperts "Live Stream" the footage of the "Super Event". But only to those who "Opt In".

The investment has been reduced ($4,997), a huge savings in travel and cost!

This is the product 100+ clients invested $10,000 to see. Nearly 30 hours of training caught over a 6 month period from 5 different HD camera angles. It is the mother load of federal government construction training and comes with a 100% guarantee that it is the best "business" training you've ever come across, even if you never perform a federal contract, guaranteed, or your money back*

The GCExperts Workshop is by invitation only and this is the only form on our website to get that invitation.

"Nothing good is cheap, and nothing cheap is really good"

--Carlos Bazbaz (, who invested $10,000 to see this, and has performed over $50 Million in federal contracts.

Was a home builder.

Over Doug's 4 decade career there were many opportunities where Doug discovered he was going to be the only bidder...

And bid accordingly.....

In the advanced Federal Construction Workshop Doug discusses what to do when the government says your bid is too high.

And still get the job.

He discusses what to do when your bid is too low....

And still get the job.

Topics covered include getting your costs of procuring a federal contract to approach ZERO.

Getting paid FULL VALUE on change orders every time with a simple diagram.

Trade secrets for finding subcontractors in every city.

A unique strategy to help the government accept your bid over others.

How to use your competitors past performance to predict your future bid results.

Accounting methods that save contractors thousands of dollars every year.

How to get paid for contract delays every time using a simple formula. One of our clients increased his profit by $100,000 using this formula.

A unique method of engaging the government into VECP (Value Engineered Change Proposals).

An exhaustive explanation of the "Functionally Equal to" Clause that has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for us, and that our competition had to spend.

You will be astonished with the benefits and ROI of this Federal Construction Contracts Business Acceleration Program.

Your instructors (Sean and Doug Reitmeyer) are the creators of BidTrakker (, the $100,000 dollar letter (, and this program. We welcome your call at at:


If after the 3 day workshop, you're not totally convinced you can do this...

Just ask for your money back. We've been doing this for over a decade, and no one ever has.

Our purpose is to help our federal government achieve its construction goals by creating modernized federal contractors with systems designed for success. And by success, we mean $1,000 to $100,000 an hour for their time. GCExperts facilitates this through our 3-day Workshop, and we will exceed your expectations.