"Mastering Federal Contracts"

There are NO Workshops scheduled for June this year.  
However, due to the high demand, there are two Workshops that have a limited number seats available.  Once they are taken, you'll have to wait until later this year. 
The next Workshops
July 12-14, 2017
July 19-21, 2017 Sold Out
AND JULY 26-28
Austin, Texas
Both of these Workshops are by invitation only - You have to call, get qualified and ask for a ticket.
Call to see if tickets are still available:
Phone (512) 750-2677


Video No. 28

You guys are definitely the Experts!

Video No. 27

"It cost us a quarter Million dollars not coming here"

Video No. 26

"Sold my business to start a new one: Federal Construction!"

Video No. 25

"I learned a ton of things I didn't know."

Video No. 24

"Absolutely priceless to me."

Video No. 23

"Now I'm excited about government contracting."

Video No. 22

"This is really the way to do it."

Video No. 21

"Man, this guy is accessible."

Video No. 20

Doug Reitmeyer of GCExperts interviews Steve and his dad after the Workshop

Video No. 19

Doug Reitmeyer interviews Isaac after the January 2016 GCExperts Workshop