"Mastering Federal Contracts"

The next Workshop
August 23-25, 2017
The Workshops are by invitation only - You have to call, get qualified and ask for a ticket.
Call to see if tickets are still available:
Phone (512) 750-2677


Video No. 39

Doug Reitmeyer interviews Victor after his first workshop

Video No. 38

  Doug Reitmeyer interviews Bob B. at his second workshop.

Video No. 37

December 2014 Workshop Testimonials

Video No. 36

Workshop Testimonials

Video No. 35

Doug Reitmeyer interviews David at the workshop

Video No. 33

Marcus comes back after 18 months for some consulting

Video No. 32

Bill comes back for his third time, shares his thoughts

Video No. 31

Dennis of ANG Construction tells how he saved for three years to attend a GCExperts workshop, and why.

Video No. 30

Doug Reitmeyer and Sean Reitmeyer interview Chance at the GCExperts Workshop

Video No. 29

Doug Reitmeyer interviews Barry after the GCExperts Workshop