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"An investment in the right knowledge, followed by the application of that knowledge in your business, is worth a thousand times more than the same investment in any stock on the market."

Unsolicited emails from our members:

Carlos Bazbaz, President of Lanterra LLC
From: Carlos Bazbaz
Subject: Making the decision to attend the Federal Contracts Workshop. . . and reassessing the value
To: doug@GCexperts.com

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I was mind-boggled by the new type of construction we learned at your workshop. I never would have thought that we can be successful at building projects across the country. When I originally received your email about your workshop, I was enticed by the idea of doing work for the federal government because our volume of work in the private sector was dwindling with tighter margins and we desperately needed to make a strategic change.

One evening I received your email and I kept reviewing your presentations. I think I exhausted Google search to try and see if this workshop was some kind of scam. I was very skeptical and I was afraid to commit the $10k for the cost of the workshop. Needless to say, I could not find anything negative about you or your workshop and all the references that I called were positive. When I discussed this with my father, who is also my partner, he told me
"something cheap is usually not good and anything good is not cheap." He advised me to proceed and go to the workshop.

Since we got out of the workshop, we have received 5 awards totaling over $300k in revenue with margins that are much better than we could expect in the private sector. When you originally asked me how much value I associated to the workshop after having attended it, I told you probably 1:1 because I was bidding but not receiving any awards at the time and everything was only theoretical. However, when we starting receiving awards, I began to realize that that the value of the workshop was probably closer to 100:1. The reason why I think so is because this is knowledge that can be used to run a profitable business year after year. How much would you have to buy a business that is performing accordingly? I would think that at least $1 million.

Warm regards,

Carlos Bazbaz

From: Frey Radfar
Subject: RE: Workshop Follow up. Why BidTrakker Market reports are invaluable
To: "doug@GCexperts.com"
Cc: "Deemah Ramadan"
Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 9:09 AM

Thanks Doug.

You have a great program, systems, and have added a new mindset to our company that has already proved to be the extra boost we needed to make it past our plateau. Maybe a little too well… We had to meet with our bonding guy yesterday because in the past month we’ve won so many jobs that we’ve nearly maxed out our bonding aggregate.

This is a great problem to have but a problem nonetheless. We are currently adding additional staff and trying to start/finish as much work as possible to release up our bonding.

I hope that I can convey my sincerity in saying that we believe in your program and want to be a part of it.

Once we have our bonding capacity back and the additional staff, we will be in touch to subscribe to the BidTrakker report.
Frey Radfar - Field Manager
Design+Build Group, LLC

The $100,000 Letter is just one of the things you'll learn in the workshop! See what Frey Radfar said about it:

"From: Frey Radfar
Subject: $100K Letter
To: "doug@GCexperts.com"
Cc: "Deemah Ramadan"
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 1:19 PM


Design+Build Group just recently submitted a proposal on a design job (pre-construction services) only to receive an e-mail back from the client saying we were way too high. My heart sank, I got frustrated that we wasted so much time in meetings to put together their bid, and then I remembered the 100K Letter! It works for Doug why not us? We excitedly pulled out the $100K Letter to use as our template, made the necessary changes, and sent it off.

I'll go ahead and say now that the result of this proposal is inconsequential. What's important is that we didn't have to back down on our costs to take on an unprofitable project. You've provided us with a way to professionally explain why our proposal was higher than they expected and that in itself is a great burden solved.


Frey Radfar - Field Manager
Design+Build Group

From: Marshall Ryan
Subject: FW: W911RP-11-C-0004, Emergency Generator (UNCLASSIFIED)
To: doug@GCexperts.com
Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 4:09 PM
We received our 1st award after going through your Federal Gov't Expert class. We didn't have to use the $100k letter, but used many other elements of your training to WIN them over. I'm sure there will be many more to come. Thanks for your mentoring.
Marshall D Ryan, President
“Absolutely phenomenal ... I'm going after work I would have never gone after on my own ...”
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From: Rusty Norris <RNorris@joefunkconstruction.com>
Subject: success to date
To: doug@GCexperts.com


Since May 1st JFCE has bid 20 federal projects. We have won 3 projects totaling over $1.2 million with exceptional profit levels. We consider our first year in the federal market an outstanding success. By comparison, we have just completed $12.7 million in school renovations at a considerably lower profit margin. Thank you very much for helping JFCE get started in the federal market, and thank you for your continued support since the workshop

Six months after the training, JFCE had made significant profits from federal contracts. Jeff called last week to confirm that they have been maintaining an exceptional profit margin using the training, tools, templates, techniques and technologies that were included in their workshop investment.
Rusty Norris


Just wanted to share some good news. Joe Funk Construction Engineers was just awarded a contract and given a notice to proceed by the United States Government under a Dept of the Interior agency. The project is for the supply and installation of special covers at their research facility in PA. The contract amount is $229,854.00 and we are projecting a 30% margin.

The solicitation was an RFP and we prepared it just as you taught us. We identified our expert in the past performance document as our chosen expert and used his prescreened contact reference for the relevant jobs section. We submitted our proposal on the Thursday the 25th and were contacted on Monday morning by the Contracting Officer.

Now Doug, here is the best part; She wanted to talk to me about the price. She explained to me that our bid was “way over the budget”. She asked me to submit a revised proposal for just 2 of them and She told me that she needed me to cut my price... ”a lot”. I went back to the estimate and found a couple of small items that could be honed but it certainly didn't amount to “a lot”. Then, I remembered what you are probably thinking as you read this paragraph…'use the 100 thousand dollar letter!!!'. She wanted a response quick so I made very few changes, then pasted my revised price sheet to the top and sent it in. The next day I was in the CQMC class and had messages from her at each break asking for this or that clarification. In the end, the contract was awarded for the entire original proposal amount and there is no question that your “100 thousand dollar letter” had played a great part in the Government's ability to justify their purchase.

I am very thankful that Rusty had the foresight to research, and identify you as the best when he decided to look for direction and training prior to launching our company's Federal Construction Initiative. And I am thankful to you for your willingness to share all of your hard earned experience through your workshops and continued mentoring. I am certain that this is only the first of many awards and successful projects and that is a very motivating and exciting realization.

Thank you again Doug,

Jeff Williams, Project Manager
Joe Funk Construction Engineers, Inc.

From: Kevin Johnson <kevin@kjohnsonconst.com>
To: doug@GCexperts.com
Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 4:45 PM


We are in the process of being awarded a contract on the job I emailed you information on. Since Anthony spent only 45 minutes on the takeoff, I just finished the budget based on the job quantities and we ended up at a 79% margin! I think we were the only bidder? edit
Kevin Johnson
K. Johnson Construction Inc.

Doug Reitmeyer
Sean Reitmeyer
GC Experts
RE: Recommendation Letter

Doug and Sean,

Being the 1 year anniversary of our 1st GC Experts workshop, I wanted to update you on our progress over the past year.

As you know, prior to the workshop, Bob and I had no experience in federal contracting. Naturally, we had some reservations about working with the Federal Government, but due to the state of our local construction market, we felt that adding it to our business model would be vital to our long term success. (I should say Bob felt it was worth going after, I thought you guys were full of crap!)

Regardless, we decided to commit to the GC Expert program 100% and utilized your procedures, resources, and advice to the fullest. Looking back on whether that was a good decision, I would say the results speak for themselves.

In the past 12 months, we have been awarded 6 contracts totaling almost exactly $1,000,000, with a net profit of $330,000. We’ve established incredible relationships not only within the Government, but also with our fellow GC Expert members.
As you know, I was extremely skeptical about the program. So much so that I said in my exit interview that I had no idea what the workshop was worth and that I would eventually determine its value based on the results.

Well now I can honestly say that for us, the workshop was invaluable. It gave us the tools and confidence to go after contracts we never would have even thought of in the past. I believe it changed the path of our business forever and for that I am extremely grateful.

I cannot thank entire GC Expert team enough for the tools and insight you’ve provided us. I look forward to continuing to tell our story over the next 12 months and am extremely excited for what the future holds.

Andrew Clementz | Principal
Integritas Systems LLC