Federal Construction Training from the guy who did 1,000 Federal Contracts that generated over a Billion dollars in revenue

GCExperts clients have received over 400 million dollars worth of federal contracts. Now is your time!

GCExperts was started to teach local construction contractors how to become National Federal Contractors which solves three fundamental problems with the construction industry.

1) Hyper competition. It's not like the old days when you went to a site visit and there were only 3 contractors, now there are sometimes more than 20!

2) Often contractors are told their price is too high. Contractors stomachs start to ache every time they hear that because the only two options are take the job at a lower price, or don't take the job. Neither of these are great options, and GCExperts' answer (the $100,000 letter) has resulted in millions of dollars in higher contract amounts.

3) Lack of good opportunities (BidTrakker delivers hundreds of opportunities to your email twice a week.

In learning the solutions you will increase your margins, get more work, and get better results in life for your time! Doug Reitmeyer first strapped on a tool belt in 1973 after serving 3 years in the US Army during the Vietnam War. At 24 years old, with a beautiful wife and child, there was a lot to learn about business and construction as his initial efforts were not well received.

Who are the GCExperts?

Example clients

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