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GCExperts was started for the sole purpose of teaching contractors how to quit the hyper competition of their local markets and join the ranks of National Federal Construction.  I first strapped on a tool belt in 1973 after serving 3 years in the US Army during the Vietnam War.  At 24 years old, with a beautiful wife and child, there was a lot to learn about business and construction as my initial efforts were not well received.
At the time, my biggest obstacle to business success was the entrenched construction community.  The established contractors used every cut-throat maneuver one could imagine.  From slashing their prices to lying about my product mix; it seemed like they would do anything to steal customers and make life extremely difficult.  It wasn't right, but as they say, "All is fair in Love, War and Business."  It didn't take long to realize that, in the local competitive commercial construction world, old age and treachery were enough to overcome my youth and skill.  
At the same time, the military procurement officials at Ft. hood, Texas, were actively seeking contractors to bid on their construction requirements.  Under Federal rules, the construction playing field was level; all I had to be was qualified and the low bidder to get the contract.  With a lower overhead and the speed of youth, the contracts were profitable.  One more thing: getting PAID was never a problem!  When Uncle Same runs out of money, he just prints more! Admittedly the early success drove an obsession for more and larger contracts.
By 1998, I had completed more than 700 contracts and billings were over $900,000,000. With a team of 45 employees, 5 dedicated to tracking most of the federal construction opportunities scattered across the United States, and with rooms full of bins of plans and specifications, and as many as 50 a day coming across our estimating tables, an interesting event occurred.
One of the interns, a University of Texas computer science major that had been assisting with tracking the hundreds of construction opportunities, caught me in the hallway and said, "I think I have an idea how your business process could be greatly improved.  Do you think anyone would listen to me?"
Cupping my ears like Mickey Mouse, I smiled and said, "how about me?"  In the conference room she started drawing out on paper the process that we were using and then she began describing how all the information could all be put into a database and the process automated.  In truth, it took me a while to get my head around the fact that she had figured out a much better way of handling the huge amount of plans and specifications that were being tracked on an Excel spreadsheet.  But she had a great idea and resources were immediately provided to develop a whole new system to make life easier and the estimating department far more efficient and effective.
A quarter-million dollars later and we had an incredibly powerful system that was tracking both the past project bid results and the future opportunities as they were becoming available.  We named it the BidTrakker system and it is the heart of our whole system. Client company contractors using the BidTrakker system have already completed more than 500 federal construction contracts - over $400,000,000 worth.
BidTrakker provides near instant access to thousands of construction opportunities every year and provides the user a strategic competitive advantage in both time and business intelligence.
The BidTrakker bid summary reports, updated daily, are continuously being accessed to find the most profitable contract opportunities our Government advertises.  For example, Four Star Construction used the BidTrakker system to receive five new contract awards and they were the only bidder on 4 of the 5.  And the best part has been the incredible margins.
Again, since it was created, contractors using BidTrakker have already completed more than 500 Federal Construction contracts - over $400,000,000 worth.  -  Doug Reitmeyer
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