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..By Getting Contractors Out Of Their Hyper-Competitive Markets And Becoming 'THE MIDDLE MAN OF DEMAND' On Highly Profitable Contracts.

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Don't Even Consider Federal Contracting


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Doug and Sean Reitmeyer (The GCExperts) have completed over 1,000 Federal Contracts that generated over a Billion dollars in revenue, more than $300 Million in profits.

The GCExperts mentor and train contractors how to get out of their current hyper competitive markets and into a market that only has 25,000 registered entities going after a $270 Billion a year budget.

Our federal government has construction needs on more than a million buildings across the country.

The Federal Government Pays In Accordance With The Prompt Payment Act; In Most Cases: 14 Days.

Me (the guy in the video), you can call me on (512) 488-6862, Sean.

Our Refund Policy

If you watched the two videos at the top of this page and invested in our training: After you finish the Workshop, should you then decide that Federal Construction is not for you (for any reason or no reason at all), just ask for your money back. We'll give it to you.

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