"Mastering Federal Contracts"

The next Workshop
August 23-25, 2017
The Workshops are by invitation only - You have to call, get qualified and ask for a ticket.
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Video No. 8

The Van Voorst Family from sub contractor to PRIME contractor - hear their story.

Video No. 7

Mike Hill - bonding agent, considers Doug's workshop training essential to anybody starting out in government contracting.

Video No. 6

Randy Gates knew he was successful in business but thought he could accomplish more. He knows that a business "cant' remain rigid" to continue being profitable. Doug's training provided the tools he needed to achieve that success.

Video No. 5

Growing businesses is our specialty: learn how one of our clients made the Inc 500 list of fastest growing construction companies after completing the Workshop training.

Video No. 4

Achieving results and changing mindsets: Why you should attend our 3 Day Advanced Training Workshop.

Video No. 3

Reading the government's "playbook" - The owners of JB Construction reflect on how their newly acquired knowledge gives them the competitive advantage when negotiating for contract awards.

Video No. 2

"It's an art form." Attendees learn that communication is in fact the "response that it gets" - an essential skill when dealing with gov't contract administrators.

Video No. 1

"Catching the gov't contracting wave" Kiha describes in surfing terms how Doug's training and support helped land his first federal contract.