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Here's what's included in the
Federal Construction Contracts Business Acceleration Program:

Kicks Off With An
Intensive 3-Day Workshop

  • Day 1: Truckloads of valuable info
  • Day 2: How to apply what you learned
  • Day 3: You choose & bid your own contract

Followed Up With
A Full Month Of Support

  • Monthly LIVE conference calls
  • BidTrakker market reports
  • Access to members-only forum

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“Thank you for such an enjoyable, valuable and necessary component in my arsenal for career progress.”

- Ed Knight

“Many points and topics you discussed were very insightful and useful. Thank you for sharing your experience, where I found the information on "VECP" and C.O. negotiation especially valuable.”

- Craig Fulton (

“Valuable information that every contractor needs to know to get part of the stimulus funding.”

- Sal Rastegar (

“We had a great time, was able to attend with two other associates and we all received a mountain of information.”

- Herman Hooks (

“The 7 Keys essentially identified those major components that need to be done in order to get the work done.....” (press play for full quote)
outside the box [to get contracts] and carry them to fruition."

- Charles Elias

“Extremely impressed with the information presented. This is like nothing I'd ever seen or heard before.  I think this is something that all construction contractors should look into.”

- Monnie Matthews (

Here's an UPDATE from one of our graduates:


Since May 1st JFCE has bid 20 federal projects. We have won 3 projects totaling $1,139,618. Our anticipated profit on these projects is 42.6%. If we can continue at this pace, we will consider our first year in the federal market an outstanding success.

By comparison, we have just completed $12.7 million in DISD school renovations at a 6% profit margin.

Thank you very much for helping JFCE get started in the federal market, and thank you for your continued support since the workshop.”

Rusty Norris
President, Joe Funk Construction
11226 Indian Trail
Dallas, Texas 75229
972-406-5206 Direct
972-484-1826 Fax

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Here's what's included in the
Federal Construction Contracts Business Acceleration Program:

Kicks Off With An
Intensive 3-Day Workshop

  • Day 1: Truckloads of valuable info
  • Day 2: How to apply what you learned
  • Day 3: You choose & bid your own contract

Followed Up With
A Full Month Of Support

  • Monthly LIVE conference calls
  • BidTrakker market reports
  • Access to members-only forum

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The Federal Construction Contracts Membership Program and
3-Day Advanced Training Workshop

Hi, Doug Reitmeyer here, Keynote presenter at the Construction Expo, Author of How To Become A Federal Construction Contractor and creator of "7 Keys To Federal Construction Profits."
Here’s what you will learn in the workshop – it’s a long list, so brace yourself!
  • The fastest way to find profitable federal contracts and where to find construction opportunities that few contractors know about. With this information, members will know exactly who to contact and how to get access to the thousands of federal construction projects that are NOT available through FedBizOpps; the government’s main procurement website.
  • How to cut through the red tape with templates and automated systems that will save time and speed up your business so that you can focus on getting the real work done and putting cash in the bank.
  • Qualifying for set-aside contracts that have less competition and may result in projects with a greater profit margin.
  • How to find additional bonding and bonding alternatives that can save you up to 60% over traditional bonds and are acceptable on many federal contracts.
  • How we’ve been paid full value on change orders 100% of the time using a simple diagram.
  • How to meet the requirements of a mandatory site visit from a thousand miles away at no cost and without leaving home.
  • Several ways to find qualified subcontractors from across the country and how to manage them to successful and rapid contract completion.
  • Negotiating techniques and other methods of getting the most material at the least cost.
  • Introduction to PPIRS - A unique method of getting great references from owners and government representatives. It’s the references that will turn proposals into awards even when your bid is higher than the competition.
  • What to do when your bid is too low. A detail explanation as to when it is best to modify the bid, how to do it so your bid is not rejected and how to withdraw bids without penalty.
  • What to do when your submitted bid price is too high. You will learn a unique strategy to help the government change their evaluation of your bid.
  • The only method of payment application that fully complies with all the regulations so your funds are received quickly and with protection from payment claims.
  • How to get paid for contract delays - an introduction to the Eichleay formula and how we have used it to collect more than $1,000,000 in delay costs.
  • Accounting methods that save contractors thousands of dollars every year.
  • Training on the use of a unique contract clause that 100% guarantees that contractors will never have a lawsuit from any subcontractor. (Note: The one time that a subcontractor’s attorney did file a lawsuit, he received a simple letter that caused him to immediately withdraw it.)
  • How to use the past performance of competitors to predict future bid results.
  • The most direct path through the maze of the Wide Area Work Flow payment process (WAWF) – the fastest way to make sure you’re first in line for the money.
  • The Davis-Bacon Act – How to leverage the requirements to speed project completion.
  • One bidder contracts – Complete details of five recent federal contracts that only had one bidder. You’ll learn how they were discovered and bought out, what tools were utilized such that each generated a greater than 50% profit margin, and the process we use to close out a contract to save money after the job is over.
  • A unique method of building a project twice as fast without increasing costs or incurring overtime expense.
  • Methods of using the VECP and other clauses of government contracts to greatly increase the profitability of a project even before construction begins.
  • How a simple letterhead change and a few phone calls have saved millions on construction costs.
  • How to save an average 6% on the cost of materials by changing the location of purchase.
  • Prefabbing techniques that have cut costs by 50% and more. As an example, we'll go through the famous National Historic Lake Tahoe Gatehouse Project. We'll get into the details of the change orders, and you’ll learn why poor government logic had little effect on the bottom line. (some job photos are shown below)
  • How using OEM parts pricing cut the cost of special materials by 92% on one contract and how other OEM materials were substituted under the "functionally equal to" clause to save even more at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  • You’ll see the internal government study that reviewed their own construction estimates and determined that at least 35% of them were significantly wrong. More importantly, you’ll find out how to use that information to your advantage in negotiations.
  • Find out methods you can utilize to save tons of money with outsourcing in several areas of your business.
  • Unlocking "locked in" quotes – the methods that were used to break supplier "sole source" pricing and lower our material costs by 23% on a $540,000 contract at the University of Texas, enabled us to make $225,000 on a $347,000 contract at the Veterans Hospital in Charleston, SC when the 2nd lowest bid of five bidders was $495,000, and how we increased the profit on a contract at Naval Air Station, North Island by $229,000.
  • Understanding pricing levels; how one material item can have 23 different levels of pricing depending on which phone line rings into the manufacturer and how the conversation is handled.
  • How to change perceptions: If you can do it here, then you can do it anywhere.

You will be astonished with the benefits and ROI of the exclusive Federal Construction Contracts Business Acceleration Membership Program beginning with the Advanced Training 3-Day Workshop. There will only be a few workshops available and each is limited to only 10 contractors. Upon acceptance, you will be 1 of only 100 contractors that have been granted membership into this exclusive program.

This is a onetime event per location and is brought to you by local sponsors that have a high degree of interest in your success.

There are three prerequisites to qualify:

  1. You must have 5 years or more experience in the construction business either as a contractor, builder or subcontractor.
  2. You must be registered in CCR to bid on federal construction contracts. If you have not done so, visit, watch the “Gov. Registration” video and download the eBook entitled “Getting Started”. Follow the step-by-step instructions and get registered.
  3. You agree to be a participating member in our program and invest time and a little money in yourself and your business.

And here’s more of what really makes this workshop special:

On the last day, attendees will select a real federal construction contract opportunity from a list of hundreds. Estimating techniques will be demonstrated and discussed with all the other attendees. By the end of the workshop, each attendee will have a real project ready to bid to Uncle Sam along with the confidence to succeed, and much, much more.

The 3-Day workshop alone is easily worth 3 times more than we’re asking, but we’re not stopping there.

In addition to the 3-Day high intensity workshop that includes a full day of construction estimating on specific projects from the hundreds that are available; you’ll also receive access to bi-weekly BidTrakker Market Reports. Each Report identifies hundreds of federal construction opportunities available over the following 30 days. BidTrakker Reports are a huge time-saver and an essential tool for the Contracting Professional.

You’ll be invited to a bi-monthly Mastermind conference call where members can ask their toughest questions and get immediate answers from the pros. You’ll also receive a month of pre-paid membership in the exclusive Federal Construction Profits Forum that provides a platform of support for attendees covering everything related to federal construction contracts.

The “Members Only” Forum website has templates and forms enabling attendees to do twice the work in half the time. This is a $497 per month membership program and the first month is included when you join the exclusive Federal Construction Contracts Business Acceleration Membership Program.

Special offers will be made to our comitted members at each workshop.

Each ticket comes with a 100% money back guarantee* and a free guest pass, for a partner or associate.

As a special bonus, attendees will be introduced to the Sandler Method of Sales Training ( and they will learn how to apply the principles in their business to save time and increase profits.

Each ticket priced at $9,997 entitles a company to bring two representatives, each workshop is limited to 8 tickets (2 seats per ticket) and many have been presold. So it is important for you to act now because when they are gone, they’re gone.

This invitation is a limited time offer for something special that can really help accelerate your federal construction business. This incredible live event will be in Austin, TX starting at 8:00 am on March 1 to 3rd, 2012. Interested contractors must register through

Send your inquiries to or call Doug at 1-512-750-2677.

Your Workshop Instructor: Doug Reitmeyer’s career spans four decades and his experience includes completing over 1,000 federal construction contracts worth more than $1 Billion.