7 Keys

“7 Keys To Federal Construction Profits”

Our own Doug Reitmeyer's Keynote Presentation
at the Construction Expos in Dallas and Houston

Here Are Some Clips From The Presentation:

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If you've done some Federal work, but would like to learn some
tricks of the trade from an expert of 35 years, check out the
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The “7 Keys”
  1. Getting Registered and Qualified - Step-by-step guide to getting started.
  2. Using the Governments' free websites to find Federal Construction Opportunities vs. Saving time with the BidTrakker rapid response system (www.bidtrakker.com)
  3. Understanding Set-Asides and how to qualify for limited competition contracts - Are you missing out on exclusive opportunities?
  4. "Broadening Your Horizons" - Going from Local to National is easier than you may think.
  5. Clarity - What the Government is really looking for in your response to their requirements.
  6. The Job Site - getting the details and establishing long-distance relationships.
  7. Financing the Job and Getting Paid Fast

BONUS: Accumulating Relevant References - The one greatest thing

that will eliminate the competition and get you the award.

At least 15 minutes for Q & A

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