Making the decision to attend the Federal Contracts Workshop. . . and reassessing the value


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I was mind-boggled by the new type of construction we learned at your workshop. I never would have thought that we can be successful at building projects across the country. When I originally received your email about your workshop, I was enticed by the idea of doing work for the federal government because our volume of work in the private sector was dwindling with tighter margins and we desperately needed to make a strategic change. 

One evening I received your email and I kept reviewing your presentations. I think I exhausted Google search to try and see if this workshop was some kind of scam. I was very skeptical and I was afraid to commit the $10k for the cost of the workshop. Needless to say, I could not find anything negative about you or your workshop and all the references that I called were positive. When I discussed this with my father, who is also my partner, he told me 
"something cheap is usually not good and anything good is not cheap." He advised me to proceed and go to the workshop. 

Since we got out of the workshop, we have received 5 awards totaling over $300k in revenue with margins that are much better than we could expect in the private sector. When you originally asked me how much value I associated to the workshop after having attended it, I told you probably 1:1 because I was bidding but not receiving any awards at the time and everything was only theoretical. However, when we starting receiving awards, I began to realize that that the value of the workshop was probably closer to 100:1. The reason why I think so is because this is knowledge that can be used to run a profitable business year after year. How much would you have to buy a business that is performing accordingly? I would think that at least $1 million. 

Warm regards,

Carlos Bazbaz