Piyush Mulji first came to the GCExperts Workshop in the winter of 2011.  He's best remembered as the guy who runs his construction company out of the third floor of a hotel he owns, a branch of the Hampton Inn.  By his own admission, he started a construction company over loss of the profits he let go of during construction of his own hotel!

Piyush had waited over a year to make the journey.

In this video he describes in part that he wished he had come sooner:

 Less than 8 days after Sean Reitmeyer visit with his office, PIYUSH GOT A PURCHASE ORDER from the government!!!!

He said:

"This was far less than the 3-4 months you told me that it would take to land a contract!!! We will now need your help to execute. We do not want to make any mistakes on our FIRST government contract! We bid the job with you in our office for $35,000 and are looking at a potential profit of $30,000!



His Award: